Nightmare Tenants: What the Law Says

Nightmare Tenants

The dreaded nightmare tenant is nothing new to landlords who have experienced the very worst of the lot. It’s an unfortunate fact that some tenants don’t meet their responsibilities or simply breech standard codes of conduct, resulting in everything from property damage to disturbance of the peace.

What exactly constitutes a so-called “nightmare” tenant and what to do about them? You’ll be searching “landlord lawyers Toronto” after encountering these characteristics.

  • Late rent: Some tenants just won’t pony up the rent no matter how many efforts you make to collect. While some good faith cases do eventually make good, there are many nightmare stories about tenants who maliciously avoid their landlords and dodge any and all efforts to do the right thing.
  • Property damage: This is one of the worst—and it has nothing to do with the standard wear and tear that occurs in a property after years of use. Actual damage is usually the result of severe neglect and misuse, and may include everything from broken appliances to stained carpets to chipped walls.
  • Never leaving: These folks exist, too, and they aren’t exactly easy to handle. Squatters make themselves at home well past their due date, taking up valuable space that could otherwise be occupied by honest, rent-paying tenants. Unfortunately, squatters need to be evicted, and ugly scenes involving forcible removal are sometimes unavoidable.
  • Constant arguers: You’ve got yourself a serial complainer. Perhaps they have a problem with the building that can’t be fixed, or they’re constantly issuing complaints about maintenance issues. While some complaints are valid, in the case of nightmare tenants they’re often self-created in an effort to be as combative as possible.
  • Courting courtrooms: Oh, no! Your nightmare tenant with a potentially criminal background has just landed you in the courtroom. Perhaps the person committed a crime or was engaging in serious wrongdoing in the unit. Unfortunately, since it’s your property, you’ll be called in for questioning.

You’re well within your rights as a landlord to evict a tenant who owes rent, routinely pays late, committed any sort of crime on-site, or caused severe damage to your property. By providing sufficient notice, you’re doing your part legally to provide an ample period of time for the tenant—even one who causes nightmarish problems—to get out.

It’s important to note that you, as the landlord, have the responsibility of proving that there’s suitable legal cause for a tenant’s eviction. The tenant himself may also rebuke your claim by presenting his own witnesses in a required hearing with the Landlord and Tenant Board. He may also obtain a tenant lawyer, Toronto expertise included, to handle his own case.

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