Condominium Law

Condo Management 101: The Professionals You Need

If you have a group of condo units or buildings, it is essential to have professionals onside to manage the legalities and technical operations of your investment. Do it yourself management typically leads to wasted time and money and unresolved problems. The two most important professional...

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Buying a Condo? Know All The Costs

Home ownership is exciting and having a piece of real property that is yours provides a great investment and sense of security. Of course, it costs money to own property, and it's always best to be prepared. Here's a look at the costs that come...

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When Do I Need a Condominium Lawyer

Condominium Law extends to both the condominium corporations and unit owners alike. With the sheer number of people potentially within a single building, many issues can arise. We’re proud to represent hundreds of condominium corporations in the GTA and across Ontario. While not all issues...

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