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Nightmare Tenants

Nightmare Tenants: What the Law Says

The dreaded nightmare tenant is nothing new to landlords who have experienced the very worst of the lot. It’s an unfortunate fact that some tenants don’t meet their responsibilities or simply breech standard codes of conduct, resulting in everything from property damage to disturbance of...

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Angry dog on dark background. Black and white image

Dog Bites: What to Do If You’re Injured

Ouch! Being on the receiving end of any type of injury spells trouble but dog bites are exceptionally traumatic. In many cases, the aftermath of these is best handled by a legal professional with experience in personal injury law. You’re well within your legal rights...

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Saving for any fee concept

Buying a Condo? Know All The Costs

Home ownership is exciting and having a piece of real property that is yours provides a great investment and sense of security. Of course, it costs money to own property, and it's always best to be prepared. Here's a look at the costs that come...

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