Landlord-Tenant Issues

Rental Fairness Act: What is it?

Understanding the new Rental Fairness Act, (“RFA”) is imperative to knowing your rights as a landlord and as a renter in Ontario. The RFA is a new initiative that is included in the Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan, which was released in April 2017 to stimulate...

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Tenant Appeals – How Many Is Too Many?

Many landlords in the Toronto area, especially those that have multiple buildings, are familiar with problem tenants that file appeal after appeal. Of course, there are tenants that file appeals with legitimate concerns. It is very important that these tenants be treated with respect, and...

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Nightmare Tenants: What the Law Says

The dreaded nightmare tenant is nothing new to landlords who have experienced the very worst of the lot. It’s an unfortunate fact that some tenants don’t meet their responsibilities or simply breech standard codes of conduct, resulting in everything from property damage to disturbance of...

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