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Planes, Trains, and Buses: What a Lawyer Will Do if an Injury Occurs While a Client Uses Public Transportation?

Personal injuries can occur in all sorts of settings, including while you are using a form of public transportation. Knowing your rights and how liability transport operators can be found liable is important when determining what to do if you’re injured using any public transportation service. In these cases, it helps to seek guidance from an experienced personal injury lawyer in Toronto - especially one who specializes in public transportation accident.

What Injuries Resulted from the Accident?

Your personal injury lawyer will want to review all information related to injuries resulting from the accident. This is important, since public transportation accidents can result in a wide range of incidents. Should a victim’s injuries be serious, that individual may find it difficult to earn a living. Your injuries should be checkout by a doctor, who can then determine which injuries were directly related to your incident.

Has the Client Signed Anything?

Lawyers generally discourage clients from signing anything until documents can be reviewed. This is important, since signing anything presented by an insurance company, or the operator of the public transit system, could limit compensation received - or worse, completely absolve the operators of any responsibility.

All documents that are presented to the victim should be forwarded to a lawyer immediately. Those documents should only be signed after conferring with legal counsel and determining how to best proceed with your claim in mind.

What Communications Have Taken Place?

A personal injury lawyer will want to know if any communication with the insurance company has taken place. If so, the content of those emails, phone calls, and any letters received by mail must be turned over to your lawyer. That provides the lawyer with the opportunity to go over all those communications and determine how they could be interpreted.

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