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What Sort of Events Qualify as Slip and Fall Cases?

Many slip and fall accidents are caused by circumstances beyond the control of the injured party. Understanding what type of slip and fall accidents qualify for legal action will make it easier to know when you should seek help from a slip and fall lawyer. Here are some examples to consider closely.

Grounds for a Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Slip and fall lawyers in Toronto help victims determine if there are valid grounds for filing a claim. Generally, the process focuses on being able to determine negligence where the fall took place. There are many examples of direct negligence on the part of a property owner. A missing “Wet Floor” sign at a grocery store, icy conditions in a plaza, even a deficiency from a renovation – each incident points to the victim being at the mercy of sub-par safety conditions.

Do You Need a Slip and Fall Lawyer?

If you sustain some type of injury in a fall and believe that the necessary precautions were not taken, don’t attempt to deal with the matter on your own. Always secure the services of a personal injury lawyer with extensive experience helping slip and fall victims. An experienced legal representative can take the lead in evaluating the specifics of your case and help you understand if there are grounds for seeking damages. Slip and fall injury lawyers also manage the task of negotiating settlements with insurance companies.

Compensation for Slip and Fall Injuries

Along with medical expenses, you may be entitled to damages related to any time you miss at work. If you will require further medical treatment, including physical therapy, to recover from the event, that can be factored into the compensation package as well.

Slip and fall accident lawyers understand that these incidents can have a significant long-term effect on victims. If you have recently been involved in a similar event, contact David Di Lella today at 416 800 8839. Your consultation will help determine the specifics of your situation and how to best proceed with a personal injury claim.

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