What to Bring to Your Personal Injury Consultation

As you can imagine, physical evidence is important in a court of law. But it’s not the only thing you need in building the strongest case possible. From documenting what happened to keeping careful notes of steps you’ve taken towards recovery, a variety of evidence can carry valuable weight in making a winning case.

When you’re headed into your first meeting with a personal injury lawyer, it’s easy to feel a little bit nervous. Our personal injury lawyers take great pride in combining friendliness with a no-nonsense, expertise driven approach. To put our clients at ease, it always helps to know what you’ll need before you arrive. Here’s a checklist of what to get together for your lawyer to set you on your way to building a case that will win.

Write It Down

One of your most important jobs in a successful personal lawsuit is precisely detailing happened. The best way to do that is to write it down as soon as possible. While memories are notoriously faulty, by writing down promptly what happened before, during and after the event that caused injury, you’ll insure that your story remains accurate, consistent, and detailed. A common defence technique is to question the victim’s version of events, challenging whether or not they remember what happened properly. By having a written account you can effectively avoid any doubts.

Gather the Physical Evidence from the Scene

It’s always a good idea to have photographs of the scene of an accident. Ideally these photos will replicate the conditions of the accident as closely as possible. If there were negligent conditions, such as broken pavement or untreated/fresh ice that led to the accident, then make the effort to photograph the area before repairs have been carried out. Organize any relevant paperwork, such as police reports or accident reports.

Documenting Injuries

An important part of winning a personal injury lawsuit is showing that the claimant has been injured, and the effect this has had on their life. Take pictures of injuries as soon as possible. Also, many times serious parts of an injury manifest later. Bruising or muscular injury may not be immediately apparent or a spinal injury may be discovered later. Psychological trauma is another effect that may only become clear in time. It’s important to document all injuries that are related to the accident as soon as they become known.

Handling the Medical Side of Things

See a doctor right away. Even if you don’t think it’s necessary at first, it’s important to have as accurate a medical picture as possible in order to build a winning case. Request to have written copies of diagnoses and records. And be sure to diligently follow any care instructions from a doctor—a claimant may be challenged by a defence lawyer who will claim that injury is actually due to a victim’s not properly following recovery instructions.

When you’re headed into a consultation with Horlick Levitt Di Lella, we will put you at ease with our knowledge and experience. But if you have any questions about what you may need to build the strongest case, then give us a call. Our personal injury lawyers are Toronto’s most effective legal team.