3 Ways Your Single Car Accident Is Not Your Fault

After you have gone through the frightening experience of a single car accident, you will undoubtedly have many questions about insurance, liability, and whether or not you should retain a car accident lawyer in Toronto. A driver may assume that a single car accident is 100 percent his or her fault, but this isn’t always the case. Certain circumstances may prove to make the accident a “no fault” incident for the person behind the wheel.

When there’s only one vehicle involved, three specific situations can result in drivers not being at fault for the accident. Lawyers who possess the knowledge and expertise in this field are equipped with the answers that drivers need – both to work through the process and be at peace with their unique situation. Whether you were caught in a storm that caused the road to be dangerous, your car experienced sudden mechanical failure, or you were forced to swerve in order to avoid hitting an animal, a qualified professional understands the law and is prepared to offer expert guidance every step of the way.

Poor Road Conditions

When roads become slippery and wet because of weather conditions like rain, snow, and sleet, there is often little a driver can do to avoid falling victim to road conditions. The argument for this type of accident needs to be strong, since even in poor conditions, a driver is ultimately responsible to navigate carefully on the road. If a driver can present enough evidence that adverse weather was cause for accident, he or she may be able to avoid being at fault.

Mechanical Failure

Another instance in which a driver may be able to claim “no fault” is when a driver believes that sudden equipment failure of the vehicle is cause for the accident. In this case, the driver has to prove that the problem was sudden and not something that he or she knew about and ignored for some time. In theory, the driver could have addressed the problem and had it fixed, avoiding mechanical failure altogether. Mechanical failure that occurs suddenly can result in damage beyond vehicle repairs.

Swerving to Avoid an Animal

You or someone you know may have been behind the wheel when you suddenly had to swerve in order to avoid hitting an animal that jumped out without warning. In some cases, significant damage to a vehicle can occur and is not the fault of the driver. After this type of car accident, a lawyer in Toronto with the qualifications to handle such a situation can be trusted to deliver quality representation.

Trust Experienced Professionals for Quality Advice

As a full service law firm with a broad range of expertise, HLD provides clients with effective advice and results-driven representation. Individuals who are facing the aftermath of a car accident can be assured that qualified HLD lawyers will provide a customer-focused and personalized approach that is both practical and cost-effective. Not every car accident lawyer in Toronto is the same – trust Horlick, Levitt, Di Lella for the representation you need.