Spring in GTA: Preventing the Most Common Personal Injury Claims

With spring in full bloom, people are getting out more often and enjoying the crisp, fresh air. Unfortunately, with more people venturing out of their homes, there are also more people getting injured. Here are the three most common personal injury claims that personal injury lawyers in Toronto see during the spring months:

#1 – Slip and Fall

While it may seem like slip and fall claims would be more prevalent in the winter, this is simply not the case. Even though the snow and ice has melted, rainy conditions can still create slick surfaces. In fact, there are several spring-related activities that can lead to slip and fall claims.

  • Sidewalks, garden paths, and even roadways can become slick after a heavy rainfall.
  • Homeowners may leave tools out on the sidewalk while landscaping or gardening, and these can become hazardous for some pedestrians.

To prevent slip and fall injuries, it’s important to remain aware of your surroundings and use caution after a rainfall. Homeowners should be sure to provide proper lighting on walkways, check their steps and railings, and put their tools away when they’ve finished using them to reduce potential hazards.

#2 – Cycling Accidents

Cyclists make their way out into the GTA just as soon as the snow melts. It’s a healthy and cost-effective way to travel, but it also presents some hazards. In fact, Toronto personal injury lawyers report a significant surge in cycling accident claims each spring.

  • Slick spots on the road can cause a cyclist to lose traction, which may result in injury.
  • Cyclists who fail to obey traffic laws are at an increased risk of injury due to collision.
  • Negligent drivers who fail to remain observant of their surroundings can collide with cyclists or even open doors as they are riding by.

Preventing cycling injuries starts with both drivers and cyclists obeying traffic laws. Next, cyclists should be sure to wear helmets to reduce the risk of life-threatening head injuries. Finally, it’s important for drivers and cyclists to realize they are sharing the road, and it’s important to remain vigilant and keep watch for one another.

#3 – Motor Vehicle Accidents

Personal injury lawyers in Toronto also report a surge in motor vehicle accident claims during the spring months. Just because the snow and ice has melted, this doesn’t mean the hazards are gone. Wet roadways, aggressive driving, and negligence are the top causes of these accidents..

To prevent motor vehicle accidents, drivers should use caution during wet, windy, or stormy conditions. This means they should slow down and give themselves more time to stop. It’s also important for drivers to remain aware of their surroundings at all times to avoid collisions. Drivers should never drive while distracted or intoxicated, and they should avoid driving if they are especially tired.

While it’s possible to prevent some of these common injury-causing accidents, they still can and often will occur. If you’ve been involved in a cycling, motor vehicle, or slip and fall accident, contact a personal injury lawyer in Toronto at HLD Lawyers today to find out how we can help you.