Having a Dog in My Ontario Condo Got Me Evicted! Is This Legal?

There’s often confusion surrounding pet ownership and renting condos in Toronto. It’s common, for example, for pet owners to assume that they have rights that protect them from having pets no matter what. In fact, landlords do have rights as well.

For example, landlords can certainly reject potential tenants if they think that the tenant plans on moving in with pets. Certain things they may learn about a potential tenant, for example, may lead them to believe that the individual will be bringing a pet, regardless of any stipulations in a lease agreement. This is not uncommon for landlords to do, in fact, as pets can cause serious damage to apartments and condos. Landlords understand this and are wary of animals in their buildings.

Tenant Rights and Pet Ownership

Things change, however, once a tenant has already moved in and now has a pet in their condo. In spite of possible contracts or verbal agreements stating that the individual would never get a pet and house it in their condo, it is still illegal for a landlord to attempt to evict this tenant simply on the grounds that the tenant has a pet in their condo. This is stated in Residential Tenancies Act, section 14: “A provision in a tenancy agreement prohibiting the presence of animals in or about the residential complex is void”. In other words, if a contract is signed for a condo lease between a landlord and a tenant, even if the contract says that pets are not allowed — for example, if the agreement says it is illegal to have a dog in an Ontario condo — the landlord still cannot do anything to stop the individual from keeping and owning that dog in their condo.

Still, there are some exceptions to even this regulation. In some cases, the landlord will indeed have the right of eviction. Troublesome pets, for example, can be a liability for the landlord and cause serious damage to property. Therefore, it is possible for a landlord to evict a tenant on the following grounds:

  • The pet is causing severe damage to the landlord’s condo property (inside or outside)
  • The pet is disturbing neighbors, and there have been numerous complaints
  • The pet is dangerous and a threat to other tenants.


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